Online Ordering Pricing

Online / Credit Card Payment Service

Connects the ordering system with your payment gateway. This way you accept online payments directly into your account (the money does not pass through us).

Advanced Promo Marketing

Run multiple promos like a pro. This paid plan allows precision selling through client segmentation and target profiling, in order to achieve and track multiple marketing goals.

Sales Optimized Website

Instantly build a mobile friendly website that's highly optimized for search engines. Domain is included, but you can also use an existing one. Everything is designed to generate more online orders.

Branded Mobile Apps

Recommend a branded app to those food clients looking for a native installation on their smartphones or tablets. This restaurant app includes app store listings with your logo branding.

All In One Platform

With the majority of purchase decisions happening online in the modern digital climate, a positive reputation is essential. Actively cultivating and managing a positive reputation helps businesses compete,

Epos System

Epos– the Full Service Restaurant POS that synchronizes software with restaurant service. Your restaurant needs to deliver a complete and satisfying dining experience to your customers.

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